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2020 HOA ASSESSMENTS: The budget for 2020 provides for an increase of $5 in monthly assessments.  While the community continues to grow and add new homes, the community is also aging.  As the community ages the needs associated with the maintenance and upkeep change, as do the services required for maintaining the community at a high standard. The proposed increase in the assessments allows the diverse and changing needs of the community to be met.  Within the community there are groups of homes that receive extra services provided by the BFCA, comprising of either irrigation and landscaping or additional maintenance services.  These homes pay for these additional services in the form of a monthly assessment surcharge to defray the costs associated with this extra work.   The surcharges for each home type for 2020 are as follows: 
Vireo LAC – (certain homes on Vireo Circle and Skimmer Road) - $47
Lake Cottages - (homes on Indigo Bunting Drive) - $47 
Water’s Edge - $39 
Fee Simple Villas - $114  

If you pay by check pay through your bank, please remember to update your banking information to reflect these new payment amounts. If you are enrolled in the CAS auto-debit program, these changes will automatically be made.   

WHITES NECK RD WORK: DelDot and Natelli are working on a project along White's Neck Rd.   Please use caution while traveling through this area and pay attention to construction signs.   

EXERCISE CLASSES:  The Bay Forest Exercise Program is undergoing a few changes.  Starting Sunday, March 1st, residents will no longer sign up for exercise classes or make exercise class payments online. Residents will sign up for classes the day of the class at the Exercise Studio. Class sizes are limited so the classes are open on a first come first serve basis. 
Yoga: Limited to 30 people
Pilates: Limited to 30 people
Barre: Limited to 10 people (An e-blast with an RSVP will go out for this class every Wednesday.  Please RSVP to reserve your spot!) 

All exercise class payments will be made to the exercise instructor the day of the class.  Classes will remain $7.00 per class.  Payments can be made by cash or check to the following instructors: 

Tuesdays (Yoga with Kathy Robertson) make payments to:  Kathy Robertson
Fridays (Yoga with Trish Huxley-Cohen) make payments to:  Patricia Huxley-Cohen 
Saturdays (Barre & Pilates with Pat Stewart) make payments to:  Pilates with Pat

We hope that you will enjoy the exercise classes being provided to the community!  If you have any questions, please reach out to Management or the exercise instructors!.  Click here to learn more about our exercise classes.   

HAPPY HOURS:  Happy Hour is back!  Join us in welcoming our new (yet familiar) bartenders to Bay Forest Happy Hours each Friday from 4pm - 7pm.  April Roughton and Rhonda Costa will be pouring your favorite drinks starting on Friday, January 24th.  April has been a bartender at several of our social committee events including the New Year's Eve party and Rhonda worked at the Sanderling pool tiki bar last summer.  April and Rhonda are not being paid by Bay Forest to bartend each Friday night.  They are working strictly for tips so please be sure to come out and support our bartenders in order to keep our Happy Hours going strong!  Drink prices will be increasing to $3 per drink to account for rising alcohol costs.  Top shelf drink will remain $4.  A big thanks to Bill Harpole and Phyllis Regotti for stepping up to work in the of the back of the house performing duties such as purchasing alcohol, completing weekly inventories, and other unseen things necessary to keep happy hour operating smoothly. 


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